Chronic Disease Management with Heart

Culture Care Collective is a hybrid health support program sustained by community health workers (CHWs) and supportive technology to manage care for marginalized groups. We incorporate our CHWs into hospital-based care teams to provide the missing link in equitable care delivery. This results in an increase in access to socially supportive healthcare at low costs.

Why Partner With Us

Our Revolutionary, Community Health Worker Integrated Care Delivery Model

Comprehensive, Individualized Care

Our Model in Action

The health and well-being of our chronically ill clients is our top priority. Our integrated care model enables us to provide comprehensive support to clients at no extra cost to them. By partnering with managed care organizations and healthcare delivery systems, we work to best meet the diverse needs of their patients and communities.

Chronic Disease Management

Targeted & Tailored Care for Complex Chronic Diseases






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Improving Quality Of Life Through Better Health Support

Our Impact

Benefit of Community Health Worker Clinical Integration

  • Promotion of preventative health behaviors across populations
  • Improved access to targeted and tailored care
  • Reduction of unnecessary hospital readmissions
  • Reduction of chronic illness burden and disease management stress
  • Improvement of health knowledge and disease self-management skill
  • Recognition of culture and community as integral to health promotion